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The specialists of our company are careful when they service springs and offer excellent garage door torsion spring replacement and extension spring repair

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Countless clients have professed their satisfaction with the quality of work that our company offers with respect to repair and maintenance services. This is perhaps due to the consistency and dedication exemplified by our professionally trained team of technicians who guarantee solutions to any garage door related problems within the least amount of time possible. Having a good reputation flatters us, and we are honored for this notion bestowed upon us. However, we ask you not to listen to everything you hear. Engage our professional repair and maintenance services, and be the impartial judge of the quality of our performance.

Garage Door Springs in San DimasIf you suspect a problem with your garage door springs, you should contact a garage door company such as Garage Door Repair San Dimas to the proper diagnosis. The springs can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Hence, you should leave the repair job to licensed and trained professionals, who understand the torsion and torque associated with the door springs. They would also be aware of the type of spring used in your garage including:

  • Torsion coil trampoline springs
  • Galvanized garage door torsion springs,
  • Oil Tempered garage door springs

The type of garage door spring and the extent of damage will determine the cost of the repair. While some malfunctions can be rectified, others may require you to replace the complete spring system. A licensed technician can help you make that decision and also help you choose the spring that is right for your garage door.

If you live in San Dimas, Garage Door Repair San Dimas is your best choice.

You can contact them at 909-438-2560. Their customer service representatives can answer your questions about garage door springs and set up an appointment for the initial diagnosis. A technician will look at your garage door spring and identify the actual problem. He may also give you a quote for the repair or replacement. Garage Door Repair San Dimas has the experience of dealing with different types and brands of garage doors, openers and springs.

They are located S. Lone Hill Avenue and W. Covina Blvd. Your garage door is an entrance to your home. Proper functioning of this system is important for the overall safety and security of your house.

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