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Time to learn how to handle several garage door matters with the assistance of the best tips

Never lubricate nylon garage door rollers

While the traditional metal rollers require regular lubrication, their nylon counterparts do not since they perform reliably and quietly without this kind of maintenance. Our technicians in San Dimas explain that if lubricant is applied to nylon rollers, the garage door will slip and this will cause unbalance. In this case, repair will be needed.

Provide hinge inspection and maintenance

You need to check the garage door hinges for loosening and bending. The first issue is fixed with simple tightening while the latter requires repair or replacement. Check the holes of the hinges which hold the roller stems carefully. It the holes are oval rather than round, these parts will have to be replaced without delay.

Replace extension springs together

Extension garage door springs must be replaced together even if one of them is still okay. If you don't change them both, the door will soon sag since the force of the springs must be equivalent at both sides and in accordance with the garage door's weight.

Change the code for the opener regularly if it does not have rolling technology

You should try to do this at least once a month, preferably every two weeks. This will reduce the risk of someone guessing the code and using it to get into your garage. It is true that this security measure requires some effort, but it is essential.

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